scope of services…

  • Branding
  • Floor Plan & Site Plan Redraw + Color
  • Website Design & Development
  • Collateral
  • Stationery
  • Printing
  • Apparel
  • Photography
  • Promotional Products
  • Maps
  • Mailers
  • Digital Graphics
  • Copywriting

01 — brand challenges

Elan Flower Mound is a multifamily community perfectly positioned in an up-and-coming neighborhood with large amounts of retail space and competitors surrounding it. A full brand launch, they required all the bells and whistles important to success.


  • Roll out the large amount of collateral efficiently and with consistent appearance.
  • Effectively communicate prime location among closely packed competition.
  • Launch a website before photography and other resources were complete.
  • Capture the client’s vision of a farm-to-table, slightly mediterranean feel with natural, muted neutral tones.

02 — brand solutions

With a plan of action developed early, we were able to launch the Elan Flower Mound brand with few hiccups and able to roll with their developing needs over the next year.


  • Beginning with brand guidelines to govern all future projects, collateral stayed on-track and on-brand.
  • Messaging emphasizes the best amenities in the area, differentiating them from competitors.
  • Lifestyle shots are edited for a gentle, faded feel. Colors are extracted from building finishes, while textures add interest.
  • Photos and language emphasize a quiet, collegiate atmosphere close to campus, distinguishing it from other communities.

Elanflowermound business cards.

A specific order of completion for creative and collateral ensured efficiency and speed. Printing corresponded with the stages of leasing and construction.

Walkability to retail and suburban location by the lake are highlighted with maps and language.

The website deployed quickly with just a few key pages to support pre-leasing. Later, it flexibly received updates periodically as the community completed photography and developed more content.