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Why Verifying Your Business Location Matters

Have you ever Google searched a location and ended up on a wild goose chase? Only to find out that the location you’re looking for doesn’t exist. Do you ever wonder where Google is getting the information they relay to us?

 Verifying your location through Google could matter more than you think, especially for apartment communities and construction sites.

  There is constant growth in the multifamily industry. New communities are built and there is almost always construction. Google does not automatically know where these new communities and construction sites are. In order to rank in a Google search of your apartment community or business, you must verify the Google My Business listing. You would never want to lead your future residents astray.

 In August, Google rolled out a new local pack that will increase the importance of location verification. They’ve cut down the amount of information that they relay to us to optimize for mobile. Only the top three businesses will be shown in the business listing local pack. That means in order to gain more attention than competitors, your business should be one of the top three.  

 Verifying your location and SEO is a reciprocal relationship. Once you verify the Google My Business location, more people are likely to trust your business and visit your site. This will in turn help with your analytics.

 That also means that all of your business’ information must be correct.  Hours of operation, addresses and phone numbers are a few of the most important things to consider.