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Video Killed the Radio Star – Why Video is Crucial

The role of video in marketing has changed drastically in the last few years. No longer is it necessarily clunky, difficult to share, or costly. As the marketing world evolves, so does its relationship with video. It packs a much more powerful punch when sharing a message, it can be accessed across a wide array of devices, and social media makes it easy for consumers to share items they’re interested in with their friends and loved ones.

Below are the top five reasons why video is crucial and should be considered a major part of your next marketing campaign.

• 76% of businesses boast good ROI • 72% of businesses improve their website conversion rate • 71% of marketers say videos outperform their other marketing efforts • 74% of users buy a product after watching a video explanation

5 – It costs less than ever

Why: Short form video has changed the game. Everyone with a smartphone can contribute. While it’s true these videos are not as glossy and polished as a video with a storyboard and professional editing, the raw emotion and the people participating in the event can capture candid shots easily.

One great outlet for videos such as these is “Live” events that you find on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You can make an announcement to your audience-base in real time, or stream an event or contest your company is hosting. The options are endless!

When you’re looking for something more professional, the price tag may feel daunting. However, consider how much of that cost you will get back in revenue – investing in video pays off.

4 – You’re always one video away from creating a viral movement

Why: With the rapid spreadability of videos, any good idea is one video away from becoming viral. You see examples like Blendtec’s “Will it Blend” videos and the GoPro Awards everywhere. The brand awareness of these companies skyrocketed when they implemented these videos into their marketing campaigns. In fact, GoPro was honored with the cult brand of the year award in 2014. Even more brilliant, most of their videos are made with user-created content!

Google’s search engine loves videos, making it easy for anyone to enjoy improved SEO. A video on your page can improve your chances of being a first-page Google result by 53 times. With this increased visibility, your audience multiplies drastically. Just make sure you’re optimizing them.

Even if you’re not a national sensation, aim to become a local one. Videos are easily digested content that encourages sharing on social media. 76% of users can’t wait to share entertaining content, even when branded. Aim to make something engaging and let your followers do the rest.


3 – It connects with potential customers emotionally

Why: A facial expression, the tone of voice, body language – these are key components to how humans understand one another. Video is the only medium that allows the audience to experience all three. More than what is being said, they’re experiencing what the person has to say.

Help customers understand your offering better. If a picture is worth a thousand words, videos are worth a million. Videos show your audience what your product or service is really like, and build trust. You might tell them how great it is, but seeing is believing. Try to capture real emotions and highlight impressive qualities to relate to your audience on a visceral level. When you make someone laugh or say “wow” you’re developing a brand people love.

Video testimonials are hard to fake, and demonstrates how people just like the person viewing the testimonial have benefited from the company they’re reviewing. Videos tell a story – they can take the buyer through the experience from point A to point B, as well as all the decision points they may face, in order to describe why the decision works for them. Better yet, a video introduces your company to your audience.

The best part is that videos have higher engagement rates with even the laziest people. Someone who would rather skip reading is more likely to be captured by an eye-catching video. Viewers also end up with better understanding and remember more about you from videos. In our high-speed content world, an impressive 65% of people will watch more than 3/4 of your videos.

A lot of users prefer to browse on mute, so put captions on your video. Always let the user start the video themselves to avoid annoying them.

2 – It helps create a personality for your brand

Why: Tying in to the previous point, video can be a fun way to create your brand voice and show your audience how you’re different. Are you passionate about making the world a better place? Is your brand lighthearted? Are you serious and demure? How do you want your customers to view you?

The videos you share are an amazing way to literally show who you are. Quick sound bites from employees sharing about why they joined the company, videos of pranks occurring around the office, a heartfelt video about why your brand is so much better for your community, clever and funny writing, or beautifully edited shots of your products or services. The possibilities are endless.

By tying video into a marketing campaign, you’re able to build the world around you and humanize the experience of doing business with you.

1 – Your competitors are using video in their marketing

Why: Okay – this is by far the most important. If your competition is using video, you should be using video. Don’t let them drown you out. While people are exposed to over 5,000 ads a day, they won’t ever select your company to do business with if they don’t know you’re out there.

Even if your competition is not using video, you should beat them to the punch. The technology is at your fingertips and easier to use than ever. There is no excuse not to make the jump.

Do you have questions on what type of videos would work best for your company? Would you like some tips on storytelling from our award-winning videographer? Then let us know! Contact us for more information about video services, or how you can use video in your marketing.


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