Promo to Match Your Client’s Personality

Every day, marketers everywhere try to find swag that people will really enjoy, use, and keep. When people really appreciate these chotskies, it can translate into brand loyalty, more referrals, increased interest, and what we’re all really after – sales.

Are your customers decisive and results driven, or diplomatic and tactful? Do they like to work on a team, or independently? According to Chris Vanderzyden, knowing a buyer’s personality can be mutually beneficial. Using her personality types, you can better understand a client’s purchasing decisions and choose the promotional product that’s just right for them.


Didactic Doris wants to win. She’s success oriented, so she’s always prepared. She’ll want items that help with productivity and keep her organized, ensuring success. Knowing Doris and her dedication, a similar person needs their own pot of coffee. That’s why we chose the Café Pour Over Mug – for people who don’t have a second to waste.


Cynical Calvin is a skeptic. He stays reserved until you build his trust. Practical products that show clear value will win him over. Since someone like Calvin spends time analyzing and recalculating, we chose the Frixion Ball Eraser Pen and Panama Tabbed Planner. This duo ensures an organized and well-planned approach for anyone who has a little doubt.


Team Trudie loves to collaborate. She is tactful and can be slow to make a decision, because she cares about the opinions of others. For people like Trudie, don’t rush them and be inclusive with swag that impresses their whole group. The Raglan Game V-Neck Tee is a must. With matching shirts, team-players can cheer for each other, whether at a game or in the office!


Analytical Albert is data-driven. He relies on testimonials and case studies before making a decision. When it comes to promotional products, he’ll be drawn to useful tools. People with Albert’s personality need comprehensive answers. A Clear Calculator and a Portable USB Hub are perfect when they’re on-the-go.


Friendly Frank is an enthusiastic extrovert. He’s always at the water cooler chatting it up. He likes to avoid technicalities by focusing on the bigger picture. Get talkative with Frank personalities and make friends! A Suede-ish Can Insulator and a Carabiner Bottle Opener are perfect for someone who is social like Frank.


Innovative Ida is creative and goes against the grain. She loves to brainstorm creative ideas. You’ll have to build trust with “Idas” and show confidence in your brand. She likes authenticity and isn’t a big fan of being marketed to. For people like Ida, we chose the Square JotterPad and Blackwood Pencil Set for a good brainstorming session. Whenever these people have spur-of-the-moment inspiration, they’ll be able to quickly draw or write it out.

73% of people use promotional products at least once a week. When thinking of engaging your customers, remember these personality types. It will help in determining what they’d like the best.

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