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Meet The Team: Paul Phillips

Paul Phillips is our amazing photographer pro, and a seasoned soup connoisseur. He was born, raised, and has yet to leave the Dallas area. He currently resides in Flower Mound with his wonderful wife of 17 years and 14-year-old son.

Nature aficionados at heart, Paul and his family love to spend time together camping and doing truly any activity that’s outdoors. Of course, it’s only fitting that in the Boy Scouts of America, Paul achieved the rank of a Life Scout. He learned to cook, shoot, and rescue anyone in any situation. The Scouts helped sustain his love of nature and science.

Growing up, Paul wanted to shoot feature films, but he only had access to his parents still-photo cameras, no motion video. Ever the innovator, young Paul would take photos and arrange them to tell fantastic narratives, much like a story board for a film.

When Paul was just starting out, he attended UNT for painting and drawing. However, he soon found himself switching majors to pursue his passion for photography. After graduating, he launched his own business taking photos and videos at events and weddings, where he ran the show for 10 years before joining the MMC family.

How Long Have You Been a Photographer?

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I’ve been around photography since I was four when my dad let me try out his Rolleiflex 120 film camera. From there I shot a lot of Pentax and Canon Ae1 cameras, and discovered video in high school.
At that time, I’d shoot videos at sporting events. Families would ask me if I could shoot photos of them on their graduation days and I was thrilled to do so.

How Did You Hear About MMC?

Susie [the owner/president of MMC] was my neighbor. One day she needed a photographer, and we chatted about me working with her periodically. I really wanted to get back into photography. She invited me over and already had a contract written up. It was a perfect start to my time here at MMC.

Do You Enjoy Cooking?

I love to cook – Creole/Cajun, Tex-Mex, gumbos, stews and soups, and grilling meats and veggies. I was in love with a quirky lady with a crazy high-pitched accent on PBS; she called herself The French Chef, and would talk to her food as she prepared the meal. Justin Wilson on PBS was also a huge influence and introduced me to what heaven on earth tastes like: gumbo will be my last meal.

Do You Have Any Other Hobbies?

I love to travel. I want to travel to Europe with my family – all of it.

I enjoy learning more about history – especially the Victorian Era. It fascinated me because times were changing really fast, too many people were crowded in little cities, and technology was emerging. I’m fascinated with how people lived back then.

Oh, I also like playing darts.

Paul's strengths are Input, context, empathy, connectedness, and restorative
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What Are You Passionate About in the Design Industry?

I like to see a whole story in one shot. Think of photography as if each shot should tell a story. It could be five seconds, or a lifetime, but it should be self-contained in that space.

What is the First Career that You Dreamed of Having as a Child?

Feature Film Director. (… and Batman.)

Do You Have Any Hidden Talents?

I can play blues guitar & five-string banjo. I want to learn to play the bagpipes but my family may have some objection.

Have You Ever Been Held for Ransom?

In 8th grade, there was a jailbreak, and I was held for ransom.

Are You Just Kidding?

It was a carnival jail, for charity. You had to pay to get out – but I broke out since my friends would not bail me out.

Who Was Your Childhood Hero?

James Bond.

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What is the Last Book You Read?

 A World Undone: The Story of the Great War 1914-1918 by G.J. Meyer. I liked that it gave a background on all the people and countries that were involved.

Dream Dinner Guests?

Drax the Destroyer, Steve Martin, and Queen Elizabeth II. She’s been around, has a sense of humor, and I like history. It’s a triple win!

What’s Your Favorite Project That You’ve Worked On?

A video series we just completed for a large company. They cared about what they were doing and came ready with all the props. Fun shoot. It makes you work even harder when your client really cares about what they are conveying. It doesn’t matter what the project is, it comes down to if people care about what it is they are doing. Engaged and hands-on people are awesome.

Is there anything you’d like to leave our blog readers with?

Travel. Travel whenever possible and leave your comfort zone behind.

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