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No One Can Read Your Sign – Here’s Why

You may think your sign is awesome, but can the people reading it understand what it’s trying to say? Whether it’s a retractable banner or a billboard, every sign needs to be legible and concise. Consider it a  “silent spokesperson”  for your business. Here are some ways to create a sign that effectively communicates to your audience.

1. Say what you need to say, and no more

What information can you convey in three seconds? Typically only about six words and the contact information. People driving by need to have something quick and easily digestible before they have to refocus on the road. Use a memorable website or telephone number, but try not to use both. A catchy tagline or an “attention grabber” followed by a simple call to action will usually do the trick.

2.  Contrast is a sign’s best friend

No, we’re not talking about clashing colors, but text and background colors need to stand out from each other in order to be read from afar. The farther you are from the sign, the more contrast it needs to have. Low lighting can also impact visibility, creating a need for more contrast. For example, a billboard needs to have higher levels of contrast verses an indoor banner.

3. A picture is worth 1,000 words

Photos send powerful messages, but they must be clearly represented. If a photo is unclear or too busy, the sign will confuse your audience rather than inform them. A pro tip here is to pull up the photo you want to use, zoom out, then look at it from across the room. If you can’t decipher what message the photo is trying to convey, neither will your audience.

4. Font matters more than you think

You’ll want to make sure people can actually read the message on your sign. That usually means using a simple font in a large size. The farther away a reader is from the sign, the bigger your text needs to be. If you get too fancy or use a small font, there is chance the reader will miss out on the message you’re trying to send.

Remember, you only have three seconds to grab someone’s attention, so use it wisely. The most effective signs are the ones that get their message across fast and clear. Try to be as minimal as you can. If you can’t convey a message in six words, use a photo that will help convey it. Don’t leave viewers wondering what your sign said.