woman pointing at iphone on table with christmas decorations

Holiday Cards: Print vs Video Showdown

It’s true, print and digital are fighting for your attention. We see paperless communications becoming savvier every day, while print has managed to rally support in interesting and effective ways. Chances are you’re thinking about the holidays already, so have you thought about which might give you the most impact out of your holiday marketing campaigns?

A holiday card is a great chance to show your customers you care, emphasize your personality, and remind them just how great it is to work with you. On the flip side, a lot of cards take a bee-line straight to a trash can. It’s not enough to just send a card, you have to choose methods that truly engage your audience.


We’ve rounded up a quick comparison of both so you can consider what works best for your company.

Whether print or digital, the biggest key to an effective campaign is staying innovative and creative. Would your customers be more impressed by a one-of-a-kind video texted straight to their phone, or a distinctive piece they can hold in their hands? Our rockstar videography team can produce the latest automatic show-stopping video, personalized for your property, or our paper connoisseurs can produce a show stopper, made from premium paper, with gorgeous finishes, guaranteed to deliver a high-end feel.

It turns out that there is no one right answer for everyone. It all comes down to what communicates your brand’s personality the best, while factoring in the timeline, budget, and your particular audience. Call today and let our marketing professionals help you determine the proper choice and delivery method for your property!

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