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Meet the Team: Lindsey Bailey

Meet Lindsey Bailey, our spunky Senior Graphic Designer. Lindsey was raised in Plano, Texas with her twin sister, Leisa Bailey Halliburton, who is also a Senior Graphic Designer at MMC!

Lindsey infuses imagination and creativity into every activity, from drawing to the gym. Her artistic talents began at an early age; at four years old, she drew an impressive rendition of Mickey Mouse on her place mat. It was then that her mother became the first to notice and encourage her love of art. Lindsey’s passion led her to the University of North Texas, where she completed a degree in communication design, focusing on graphic design. Upon graduating, Lindsey received an internship in Dallas that led to her first job, where she further cultivated her print and branding abilities.

In 2013, Lindsey jumped at an opportunity to join the MMC team alongside her twin, Leisa. Naturally, MMC is proud to have her talented mind on our team!

What do you do for fun outside of work?

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I like to spend time at the gym. I do strongman competitions. The next one is coming up in October, so I will probably compete in that one. I love being able to exercise different parts of myself. I like to read too. I just started Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah, but I like to read all kinds of things. Also, I love having game nights! Saturdays are game nights.

What are you passionate about?

Oh man, there’s a lot! Animals are a big one. I have two cats that I adopted when I was in college and one dog that I adopted named George. I’m also passionate about just being a decent human being. I believe there is good in everyone; sometimes you just have to find it. I think with that, we can come together and help everyone.

Oh, and COFFEE!!

Tell us about college!

I went to UNT. I knew in high school I wanted to do something with art, but I wasn’t entirely sure what. My art teacher pushed me toward fine art, but I just didn’t think that was the right path, so I decided to give graphic design a try. The program was super rigorous! In the program, you had two reviews and if you didn’t pass you had one year to try again. If you didn’t pass the second time, you were cut from the program. It was a lot of long hours and very stressful work, but it prepared me for what was to come! Two weeks after graduation, I secured an internship in downtown Dallas that later became my first job.

What is something you are passionate about in the design industry?

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I really like everything about fonts and any kind of typography. I think it is so cool how a font can convey certain messages. I also really like website design, which I get to work with here at MMC. It’s actually my favorite type of project to work on.

Responsive website design is something really cool that has evolved and is still evolving. It used to be that when you visited a website on a mobile phone, the site would be distorted or you would have to visit a completely different structure of their mobile site. With responsive design, there is one site and it simply responds and reformats on its own to accommodate mobile viewing.

Who are some of the artists that inspire you to create everyday?

Painting by Lindsey Bailey
One of Lindsey’s paintings

I really like Matte Stephens. Charley Harper is still my favorite artist of all time though. His work is so different from my style, but seeing his work makes me want to create more everyday.

Is it weird not living with your twin? 

Yes. We have lived together our entire lives. I’m still not quite used to all the quiet and waking up and having coffee by myself in the mornings. However, we are close to each other and she is the first person I text in the morning.

Are you binge watching any shows right now?

I don’t have a ton of time to watch TV, but I just started watching The Office. I never thought it would be my style, but so many people have said I should watch it so I’m giving it a try. Then there is always Friends. I always have it on. I have seen it about 20 times and I’m always quoting it in everyday life.

Anything you want to leave our readers with?

“The root of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.” I love quotes! I love writing them on cards and canvases.

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