How to Choose the Right Business Name When Rebranding

How to choose the right business name when rebranding

If you’re rebranding, it’s important to choose the right business name. That way, you can avoid confusion and make sure your brand is memorable and easy to remember. Here are some tips that will help you come up with the ideal business name:

Pick a name that’s easy to pronounce.

  • Be careful not to choose a name that sounds too difficult to spell. You don’t want to have a name for your company that sounds too difficult to spell. It is especially bad when you don’t want to miss potential customers. Having hard-to-spell names also makes it hard to do the marketing because people can’t relate to them or remember them as easily as they could if they were easier on the tongue!
  • Also, avoid having a misspelled version of your company name; it’s important to keep things simple and consistent across all channels (website/social media).
  • Lastly, think about how well this name would translate into other languages so everyone around the world can understand what it means when they see someone using this word in conversation or online posts about their business!

Make sure it’s not already taken.

Before you can choose the right business name, you need to make sure it’s not already taken.

The first step in this process is to do some web searches on the name you have selected. You will want to check with the government, your lawyer, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as search for domain name availability through GoDaddy or another provider if

Don’t choose a name that’s too long or weird-looking.

When it comes to picking a name for your business, you want something catchy and memorable. You also want to avoid names that are too long or weird-looking. If a potential customer hears your company name for the first time and does not get it immediately, then there is no way they will remember it later on.

This is why we recommend keeping things simple when choosing a business name so that people can easily remember them without having any problems saying them out loud when talking about their experience with you or anyone else who works at this particular place of employment (which can range from working at home all day long until late at night).

Don’t use numbers in the business name unless it’s part of your brand strategy.

Numbers are hard to remember, confusing, and don’t have any emotional connection. They’re also difficult to brand because they don’t lend themselves well to logo design or taglines (unless you’re Apple).

Don’t pick too general of a name.

While you don’t want your business name to end up limiting future growth or where you want to take your business, it can’t be something that gives you no idea of what you do and where the business is going.

  • Use words that are easy to remember, like “Foodbar” or “Donut Shop.”
  • Don’t use words that aren’t easy for people outside of your industry sector to spell correctly (for example: if I were going into web design as a freelance worker, then I wouldn’t want my name to be spelled as ‘Web Dezigner’).

Don’t use your name.

If you’re looking to start a new business and rebrand, don’t use your name. Your name will not communicate anything regarding what your business is about. It also won’t get potential customers. Also, it ends up limiting the future of your business.

If you have an already established brand and are trying to expand into another arena or market, then using your personal name may work well for you because consumers will already recognize it as a brand they trust and know how good its products/services are from previous experience with them personally or through friends/family members who use their services regularly too!

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your business name is the best possible choice for your brand. Have you seen our Brand Concierge Package? Visit us on this page and check it out!