laptop, phone, and ipad on rustic desk

What is Your Favorite Website? 

The answer is probably a website that is engaging, easy to use and mobile friendly. That makes complete sense! No one wants to use a website that makes you click 13 buttons to get to the information that you’re looking for. 

Today, everyone is online, which is a great opportunity for business if it is properly utilized. Unfortunately, it is easy to let your website fall by the wayside, letting other more important things get in the way. 

As technology gets better and better, we’re able to access information with the click of a button. That means that every single user’s experience on your site matters. So, here’s a checklist of 4 things your website should have.

  1. Compelling design.  Find out who your audience is and make sure that your website is something that they want to see. When you choose to go with a custom site design, you can easily engage with your audience, making them likely to use your website more often.  Template web design  can seem very impersonal and might not produce the best possible experience on your site. 
  2. Mobile optimization. We are increasingly drawn to  mobile sites  because of something Google likes to call  “micro moments.”  If your website is not designed and optimized for mobile, you  will not even rank  on Google searches.  80 percent  of Internet users are accessing search engines through their smartphone. It is vital that people are able to view your site from the comfort of their mobile screen.     
  3. Messaging. What do you want to say to your customers? Do people know what you’re selling right away? Do you have a good call to action? Not only do we need to have good design, but the copy and messaging is important to your website as well. Added bonus:  Good copy  helps with your SEO.
  4. SEO. Make sure that there is a  system in place  to track your website’s traffic. This not only helps you catch any bugs that the site might have, but also see where your website can improve. 

Your website is the beginning and ending for anything else you do online. It is often the first impression that the public gets of your company.  Be sure that your website is saying the right things about you.